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About us

Our specialty is the art of 18th - the first half of the 19th century. We give a particular preference in our gallery to portraits and portrait miniatures. The structure of the site allows you to search both by technique - "Portrait miniatures" or "Paintings and Drawings", and by the creation period of the object. In the headline we used French historiography periodization "Ancien Régime", "Empire", "Restauration". Items of the "Militaria" category are separated.

Almost every two weeks Villa Nuova gallery finds new 18th - early 19th century art. You can regularly visit our website where these items appear in the "new acquisitions" section.

We strive for making the pictures of our artworks as accurate as possible. But it must be understood that it is extremely difficult to take some pictures, for example, the pictures of miniatures. Safety glass always distorts the subject. So, feel free to ask for more photographs of an object. We will gladly send them to you on your first request.

We are also glad to share the information about a technical condition of an object, so if you need it, please send us a letter marked "condition report".

Typically, each item on the site presented at a quite high resolution. In the gallery you can also see the fragments of paintings or miniatures. It is usually the most spectacular pieces of work, a signature and (if necessary) a reverse side.

There are also pictures of all artworks posted on the site in a very high professional resolution. So if you need some images in higher quality for non-commercial use (e.g. for scientific activities), you can get them for free, if you send us an e-mail with justification.

In case you can’t find a required item, please, contact us. Our stocks of portrait miniatures are very large, and the required item may be found there.