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Charles Marcel de PIGNEROLLE (Circa 1815, Angers – 1893, Angers) attributed, "Portrait of a Young Man in Interior"

Signée little visible, 60 x 73 cm (24 by 29 in), oil, canvas
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This portrait for the long time was attributed to the french painter Charles de Pignerolle. Recent researches meanwhile reveals that this attribution could be disputed.

 Charles Marcel de Pignerolle belongs to the late romantic generation formed in 1830-40s years. He was born in the old noble family and in the age of 15 he was adopted by his uncle, General of Royal Army Arsène Avril de Pignerolles, the mayor of Laval. Due to protection of his uncle, Charles de Pignerolles was predetermined for the military service. The situation changed in 1830, after the overthrowing of Charles X.  Arsene de Pignerolle left position of the mayor and followed the king in his exile in Prague. Young Charles Marcel was left alone but with a great fortune of his uncle.

Around 1830 de Pignerolles started to visit the studio of outstanding historical and portrait painter Léon Cogniet (1794-1880). The great pupil of Pierre-Narcisse Guérin, Cogniet was much inspirited with ideas of romantic painting. De Pignerolles assimilated lessons of Cogniet and soon healready produced a large scale of compositions like Pèlerinage à Lorette or Le Retour du Chasseur. His portrait’s heritage isn’t so wide but the portrait of his uncle from 1834 presents us the deep and thin portrait painter.

Portrait of a Young Man in Interior belongs to the period around 1840s and dated very precise due to the details of the uniform.

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Condition: Excellent
Categories: Painting
School: French
Subjects: Portraits , Officer
Style: Romantism