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Unknown French Painter, "Portrait of Man", 1790-1793

D 80 mm, on natural material, gouache
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Exclusively attractive  portrait miniature from 1790s demonstrates in full scale a great changes happened in art after the French Revolution.  Background filled with  shimming  air intensifies  the filling of intimacy in unspoken dialogue between sitter I viewer.  The model seems to be caught in a moment of interrupted reading and it also reinforced the immediacy of perception. Such approach was very common in milieu  of generation of painters of old school formed before the revolution.


The miniature recently was cleaned and restored by Bernd Pappe







Very rare published miniatures from the old collection of Dr. Emerich Ullmann. Austrian School, Part I.



Price: SOLD
Condition: Good
Categories: Miniature , Painting
School: French
Subjects: Officer